Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mom's Drawings and a Still Life

                                                                 ROLLED HAY

                                                                 MAPLE HARVEST

                                                             GIANT OF THE WOODS
 Note: I cut one of these down on Connecticut Hill. They are usually hedgerow trees from former fields that have been allowed to become forest. What I cut was @ five and a half feet in diameter. It took four cuts with a 28" blade to bring it down. I had to cut a few 20" branches @ two feet off the ground to get at it. It was nearly impossible to detect when it had began to fall. It took @ 25 seconds for it to fall too. When it hit the ground, the trunk was @ 10 feet off the ground. I used most of it for firewood, but the trunk is still there. (@ 25 feet of it) It is good forestry management to remove such trees, for they hog space and sunlight and prevent new growth.

                                                    ANTIQUES - STILL LIFE

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